A crowdsourcedecosystemto fightchildhood cancer

Join us in the creation of an interoperable and distributedEU ecosystem for action on Pediatric Cancer

We are designing a new framework for research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), active collaboration and knowledge exchange on two types of childhood cancer: Neuroblastoma and Nephroblastoma.

Bringing Together Healthcare Professionals, Young Cancer Patients and AI Experts

We seek to connect key European stakeholders in Childhood Cancer by means of eXplainable AI to facilitate the interaction and cooperation of top actors
among them: leading experts in paediatric oncology, medical entities, technology developers, research institutions and European Reference Networks. To do this, we will collect and assess the challenges, needs and open issues arising from patients, health professionals, healthcare institutions, national health systems and AI specialists.

A Single Access Point to Boost Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration Opportunities

EU4CHILD will build a one-stop portal to host and curate a EU-wide knowledge base for childhood cancer, providing insights on the disease and liaising future opportunities for collaboration. This portal will act as an information exchange hub for access, data collection and storage of available information, datasets, solutions, crowdsourced assets and innovation tools.

A Multidisciplinary Strategy to Fight Childhood Cancer

We believe patients and their families should always be center stage: they are the driving force of everything we aim to achieve. Our vision focuses on improving care pathways for childhood cancer through a combination of community building, ethical research, data-driven innovation, transparency and accessibility

Roadmap & Guidelines

A multi-perspective (ethical, privacy, governance, medical-based, AI specialists, IT, infrastructure and industry) State-of-the-Art and a roadmap with guidelines on the mechanisms and tools to implement the ecosystem

Knowledge Base

A framework that will concentrate all initiatives, datasets and solutions across Europe, as a main hub to access information, enabling data sharing and integration, together with the exploration of opportunities among all related stakeholders

One Community

Community building and engagement strategies for all key European actors, creating a multi-stakeholder network that will develop working streams with digital initiatives designed to support diverse pediatric cancer pathways

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We are Team Players

Our team includes key partners from research and the healthcare sector: combining experts in AI and pediatric cancer with impact and community building specialists

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